Ant Flower Stand Decoration big - 4 Models assorted - LG0367

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Ant  Flower Stand looks very catchy. After looking towards these pots one’s mind gets filled with freshness and one’s house looks complete. It provides a stunning look to house that everyone who enters can feel that. It can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Children will enjoy having these types of flower stands.

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Ant Flower stand is a beautiful stand. An Ant standing with a shovel looks very appealing. It is attached with medium size pot.It can be used for various purpose and in various ways-

1.)It can be used for decoration purpose like indoor as well as outdoor.

2.)In its pot one can grow indoor plants like air purifying areca palm,bamboo palm,weeping fig ,other indoor plants and flowers like orchid,chrysanthemum,wandering jew,marble queen,bromeliad etc.

3.)It will not break easily,water resistant.

4.)Fill house with elegant look and make surrounding pure.

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