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BKR® Electric Lawn Mower 12 Inches With 1200 Watt - LG0861

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BKR Electric lawnmower work very well. It is sold and marketed by JaganHardware. The grass cuts in an accurate length i.e 30 cm.It comes with 4 tyres and handle As half-cut grass can leads to browning of grass. It keeps the grass well aerated.


BKR electric lawn mower work efficiently in your lawn according to your wish. As it is loaded with several features-

1) It’s a mower that works with manual push.

2) Cutting width is 300 mm.

3.) It can be adjusted in 3 cutting heights, cutting height 26-56 mm.

4) It comes with the Induction motor of 1200 watt .

5)The motor works at 2900 RPM.

6)Weight is upto 15 kg.

7) Grass Storage: 30 Liters

  • Cable Length 0.35m
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