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BKR Premium Cocopeat Disc-LG0560

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Cocopeat an incredible product from coconut have fibers that help in maintaining the nutrients in the soil and prevents its leaching, ph, and ec of soil. It can be used for vegetables, casing layer for mushroom, flowers, trees, for soil-less farming hydroponics, etc.

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    Cocopeat is a product of coconut. It is a genuine i.e 100% natural growing medium for your plants.It has many uses. Some of them are mentioned below 

    1. It has excellent water retention capacity.

    2. Its rewet and quick drainage capacity help in maintaining the nutrients in the soil.

    3. Can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

    4. There is a serious problem that occurs in plants i.e attack of pest-insect,diseases all these problems can be reduced by the use of cocopeat.

    5. One thing that makes it amazing is its reusability and recyclability. It can be reused for up to 4 years.


    a.)Take the cocopeat disc and place it in a 2.5 ltr container.

    b.)Slowly pour 750 ml to 1000ml of water.

    c.)Allow the disc to absorb water for about 10 minutes and let it expand into growing medium for use. d.)Stir the mixture and drain the excess water and it is ready to use.

    Note:- This price applicalbe for 1 pc

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