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BKR® Air Purifier Spider Plant LG0608

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This plant grows very well even with limited care. It should be repot once in a year when spring begins. It is available in different species. It should not be overwatered and can be grown in any area in the house. It is the best plant to be grown.

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Spider Plants also called chlorophytum comosum are the most adaptable plants in the house. They are easy to grow and maintain. Following are the features of these plants-

1.) These plants don’t need much sunlight and water and dangle down from mother plants.Only indirect sunlight is required.

2.)It purifies the air and remove the formaldehyde from the house plants.

3.)Height of the plant is about 3 inches.

4.)The plant grows very well in the soil as well as water.

5.)It needs a well drained soil and fertilizers and a temperature of 24 degree celcius.

  • Note: Customization and Printing available on extra charges, options for any other Pot or Plant also available.


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