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BKR® Fogging Machine Smoke and Mist LG0639

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BKR® Fogging (Smoke and Mist) machine
BKR® Fogging  (Smoke and Mist) machine is widely used for pesticide spraying for crops, economic forest, cotton, greenhouse crops, sanitation and disinfection for warehouse, Army camp and many more. It's a fogging machine for mosquito.

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  • Branded and marketed by BKR, sold by exclusively Jagan Hardware

BKR® Fogging (Smoke and Mist) machine is a time saving and high-efficiency machine. It is in a very beautiful design and color. It has the following characteristics-

1.)It has a spraying amount of 80-120 L/h and fuel tank volume of 2 L.

2.)It consists of a water circuit, electrical circuit, gas circuit, oil circuit, including carburettor, engine and explosion tube, frame, oil tank, pesticide tank, and pipeline.

3.)It has a fuel consumption of 3 L/h, the fuel used is gasoline, The weight of the whole machine is 6.5/10.5 kg.

4.)It has the capacity to work with high killing rate, large spraying range, all-round working without power off, stable performance and reliability.

5.)It has easy operation and lightweight and best fogging machines at this price.

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