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Water the major requirement of a living being that exists in this world. But the right quantity of water is also very essential for living. Here we are talking about the plants. So let’s just discuss them what they require. People think that plants require a lot of water but exactly the situation is different. Every plant has its own water requirement. Some need a lot of water and some need less amount of water. Here we will take an example of some plants like sansevieria, Purple Heart; succulents etc need a little amount of water. Whereas Pensy, Petunia, Gazania need a good amount of water. The question here arises how to supply the water according to their requirement. As with supplying water through the direct pipe will result in a large amount of water supply, on the other hand, supplying through water cans will also do not record the right amount of water supply to the plants. Now, what can be the solution?? Here we are with the solution for everyone. The Sprinkle system and the Drip system of irrigation are the solutions for the problem mentioned above. What exactly these systems are? So here is their explanation. Firstly we will discuss Drip irrigation-It’s a kind of water system in which water is supplied dropwise to the plants. Now the question arises that how a dropwise distribution can be useful. It has the following pros- 1. With it the water is used efficiently. Plants when feels that there is a necessity of water they will absorb it as it will be supplied dropwise and of course with dropwise water supply we all can imagine it. 2. The growth of plants is maintained. From reading above we can get the idea of the importance of drip irrigation. It can be easily used for any plant. In today’s world, one should definitely go two of these systems (Drip and Sprinkler). It will lower down the cost of water supply and many more.




It can be used for field crops as well as for gardens. One major problem of today’s busy world gets solved which is providing water to plants on time. This drip system solves out that problem very easily by supplying water itself to the plants. One more important thing is its installation which is very easy. Well discuss it stepwise- a.)Take a pipe and by punch holes make holes in it. b.)Take a feeder pipe which has to be joined with the main pipe, join pin connector, stake and emitter to it. c.)One can go for straight connectors (to join two pipes), Elbow connector (to guide pipe around corners rather than bending them) another straight connector (to control water flow), T connector (for redirecting flow of water to two different lines). d.)Close unwanted holes by a dummy, Block end of supply line by using end cap. Insert pipe to the tap and stakes in the soil. All you require is this material. No wonder most of the people are going for this Drip system irrigation these days as it has lots of benefits that uncountable. We have now gone through drip irrigation like what it is, how to use it, how to make irrigation kit and many more. Let’s just talk about other systems of irrigation that we discussed earlier i.e. sprinkler irrigation system. What this sprinkler irrigation now??That a genuine question. Here is this answer –In simple words sprinkler system of irrigation means the supply of water in the form of droplets. With it the water can be supplied to the garden, plants and all. The water first moves upward with pressure and then due to gravity comes down and fall on the plants, garden etc. It can be rotatory type (water will itself be supplied to different areas). Another one is the stationary type which will supply water in one area only. The query arises now is that what is included in it(equipment). Let's have a look- 1.) Mainline is connected to sub mains and then to laterals. 2.) Couplers are used for connecting two pipes, sprinkler head water meter, flange all are used for proper connection to pump suction and delivery. Beside that pressure gauge, bend, tees, elbows, valves, plugs all are used. Using a sprinkler system of irrigation have a lot of advantages as It results in less soil compaction, suitable for the area with a very high density of plants, suitable for every type of soil. Time has come for these types of systems and only these types of systems of irrigation can be led in the full development of agriculture and gardening.