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BKR® Leaf Blower LB-2 LG0635

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BKR® Leaf Blower LB-2
BKR® Leaf Blower LB-2 is a very useful blower and can be used in every area. It is portable and cleans out the required area. It generates a maximum airspeed of 120meters/sec. All controls are mounted on the handgrip, allowing convenient, fingertip operation of the blower over short or longer periods.


  • Branded and marketed by BKR, sold by exclusively Jagan Hardware

BKR® Leaf Blower is a backpack blower. It comes with several features-

1.) It Produces reliable and economical power.

2.) Have Large diameter nozzle that is Providing optimum air placement for best results.

3.) It is Lightweight in design to eliminate operator strain even during extended use.

4.) It is of 3.3 HP and has a displacement of 63CC.

5.) It decreases the workload of an individual.

Also available BKR® Leaf Blower LB-1

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