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Aluminium 2 Section Compact Extension Ladder 1.5 mtr– HM0409

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Product: Aluminum 2 Section Compact Extension Ladder 1.5 mtr Extension Ladder Series features non-conductive rails, making these ladders ideal when working near electricity. The unique two section design allows the ladder to be stored and transported more easily due to shorter length than a conventional 2 section ladder.


  • Compact and light enough to fit safely through tight spaces
  • This full-size Aluminum 2-Section Compact Extension Ladder reaches upto 10 ft but reduces to 5 ft.
  • There's no more damage to walls and furnishings from trying to fit an extension ladder into small, narrow spaces; this compact design
  • It can be used indoors and out for painting, window cleaning and other maintenance
  • Aluminum construction offers lightweight durability
  • It provide easy access to areas around the home
  • Easily moves through tight, compact spaces with the convenient handle
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