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Falcon FPSC-44 Snake Catcher Stick, 4 Feet Yellow & Black LG0387

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    Falcon Snake Catcher FPSC-44 with a 4 feet long stick. The comfortable to use Snake Catcher by Falcon is a modern device that is used to catch a live snake ensuring complete safety. The soft catch-grip with a wide jaw allows maximum grip and minimal risk.

  • • Model No: FPSC-44 Branded and marketed by Falcon
  • • Sold by Jagan Hardware


Designed for gardeners, mountaineers, picnic and snake lovers, Snake Catcher by Falcon comes with an exclusive good grip pistol-style handle with a lock latch which makes it comfortable to use and easy for storage. Soft catch-grips with zigzag wide jaw allows you to get maximum grip pressure, the long pole keeps you at a safer distance. The lightweight makes it and easy to use.

  • • This FALCON Snake catcher is suitable for gardeners, mountaineers, picnic and snake lovers etc.
  • • This snake catcher is made of high-quality steel blade to ensure its durability, high strength, and solid structure.
  • • Highly polished and the nickel-plated blade is uneasy to get rusty, smooth and safe to a snake.
  • •The larges mouth design and aluminium alloy long handle is helpful to catch snake easily irrespective of the species, size or length.
  • • The steel teeth help to fix snake stably without hurting it.
  • • This catcher is an indispensable tool to catch the snakes and is available in Jagan Hardware.
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