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Kisankraft FB-KPS-204 Knapsack Power Sprayer

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FarmBoy (KisanKraft) FB-KPS-204 can be used in cotton crops, cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc. High-pressure piston pumps are used for achieving proper air pressure in the device. It is portable that’s why it can be used very easily. It comes with a pipe attachment with which the spraying of all kinds of liquids is easy.

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Kisankraft FB-KPS-204 Knapsack Power Sprayer is a well-versed knapsack sprayer. It is suitable for use in different field crops. It results in the proper supply of fertilizers, insecticides in the field which help plants in their proper growth as they get the required amount of nutrients, etc. It has several features-

1.)It is 4 stroke petrol knapsack sprayer.

2.)Its tank capacity is 900 ml having brass pump.

3.)It comes with 1hp with rpm of about 7500.

4.)Displacement is of 31cc,Fuel consumption 500ml/hr.

5.)Its weight is about 10kg and chemical tank capacity is 20Ltr.

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