Black Holdtite Solution 500 GM-WS0178

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Holdtite is a single component liquid Sealant used for joining the metal pipes and sockets. It is used to make a leak proof joint in domestic plumbing as well as in industrial piping for transporting water, steam and variety of chemicals. It is highly suitable for joining MS (mild steal), SS (stainless steel), GI (galvanized iron) pipes and others metal pipes. It not only provides a leak proof joint but also offers a perfect bond. The joints coupled with Holdtite can also be dismantled easily with conventional methods. It enhances the reusability of pipes by protecting from rusting on the threaded portion of joints.

Characteristics & Advantages

Black liquid Excellent applicability

Thick & Uniform Consistency Very good adhesion to metal substrate.

Application Area

Suitable for pipe and socket joints which having exposure to oils of all kinds including fuel oil, steam, hotand cold water.

Typical applications are pipe joining in household plumbing and industrial piping.

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