Kitchen Scale with Volume In Kg Lbs Ounce

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Model Name: KC011 Imported item sold exclusive by Jagan Hardware

Kitchen Scale has the characteristics of exquisite outward, precise weighing, reliable for function and resistant to vibration etc It is suitable for house use, it have smart scensor which indicate you when the cup was overloaded

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Features :

•  This electronic kitchen scale has the characteristics of exquisite outward, precise weighing, reliable for function and resistant to vibration etc.
•  Also with the functions of tare, auto-zero, auto-off, unit exchange, backlight and so on.
•  It is very suitable for house use.
•  It is a perfect new weighing tool.
•  First electronic scale flat on the platform, attention platform is horizontal plane as possible, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of weighing products.
•  Press the key to open, green backlight lights up, the display 8888. Approximately two seconds after the screen display 0g. At this point you can add objects weighing
•  The scale will be auto power off 120 seconds after you finished weighing.
•  If you want to turn off the scale manually, you can press ON/TARE last 3 seconds, the scale will power off.
•  Alarm
•  Box Packing
•  Also available with temperature Mug type SKU- HM0196

Directions for use :

•  In the weighing process, when the display O_Ld, indicating the items have been overloaded, remove the article as soon as possible, to reduce then weighed article.
•  Items weighing scale weight must not exceed 110%, otherwise it will damage the electronic scales.
•  Lo boot display, indicating the battery is no longer enough, replace the batteries as soon as possible.

•  In the boot process, please keep the product horizontal state. Start the process of detecting zero pressure at a contact please do not scale body.
•  Do not bump or push strongly on this scale.
•  Do not flush with water or soak way to clean; nor chemical cleaners can be used for cleaning, wipe away any water application squishy silk.
•  In the display shows “” or “Lo” when it suggests that the battery power is low, replace the battery. If you will not use the scales, please remove the batteries to                      prevent leakage and damage to the circuit.
•  If problems occur, please return our company or your local dealer for repair, do not disassemble this product.

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