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VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® For Cables, Wires & Cords

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Product Name: Band for cable, wires & cord Original brand product by Velcro® made in U.S.A

These One-Wrap® straps are great for tidying computer, appliance and electronics wires, cables and cords. The one-piece design strap wraps onto itself for a secure hold. Self-gripping fasteners are reusable and flexible. Use straps to bundle and control your wires and cables. Strap tip attached back onto itself for a secure closure

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  • Nylon look laminated to a poly hook without adhesive.
  • Cat 5 Friendly.
  • Ideal for cord and cable control.
  • Great for network installations.
  • Can be slit, perforated and die-cut to meet specific requirements.
  • Can be cycled (opened and closed) hundreds of times.
  • Ideal for electrical & network color-coding
  • Ideal for the following applications: Fiber Optics, Cord & Cable, Toys & Games, Sporting Goods, Packaging, Medical Devices, In-Plant Maintenance, Appliances, Automotive, Recreational Accessories, Wire Harnesses, Novelty Promotions
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