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• Imported by JAGAN Hardware (HR-5) • Product type : CHAM CLOTH

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  • Imported by JAGAN Hardware (HR-5)
  •  Product type : CHAM CLOTH
  • This synthetic-chamois towel is ideal for car and household cleaning.
  • Besides the softness and warmness, it has the useful property of bearing soap without damage.
  • Its most common use is in automobile washing where it may be known as a “shammy” cloth.
  • Also known as CHAM Leather
  •  *Its water absorbency makes it good for other uses.
  • Being somehow spongy, it easily retains oil making it good for wiping fingerprints from polished metallic surface.
  •  Plastic box Packing
  • Cloth Size – 32x40 cm
  • Available in assorted colours
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