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Kisankraft KK-708 Knapsack power sprayer

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Kisankraft the brand says itself. It has extreme features which makes it a very efficient sprayer. It's a durable and quality product. It helps in the proper spray of insecticide or any liquid in the field. It is useful for crops like cotton, Paddy, orchard crops and many more.

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Kisankraft kk-708 is a best knapsack power sprayer. In sprayers, kisankraft has the best versions. It is petrol operated. It comes with a pipe through which the spray is done on the field. It has different key features –

1.)It has a tank of capacity 20 ltr.

2.)Weight of this sprayer is 9 kg.

3.)It has 2 stroke engine with a displacement of 25.6cc and Hp of 0.94.

4.)It works with an RPM of 7500.

5.)Fuel tank capacity is 750 ml and fuel consumption is 500 ml/hr.

Kisankraft KK708 Knapsack Power Sprayer is Two Stroke 20L petrol operated sprayer. It is used for protection of crops like spraying Insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and Also for spraying of Sanitizer for hazardous Infections like Covid 19, Malaria and Many More. It can be used for fertigation, with which full required amount of water and fertilizers can be sprayed effectively and efficiently. It is easy to use as its highly portable and lightweight It is used as Foliar spray for vegetable crops, fruit crops and many more

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