Thumb Size Animal Bluetooth Speaker-HM0566

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It is in pig shape, small and handy .You can carry it with you everywhere..You can use with any gadget .With this Bluetooth speaker you will get USB Charging Cable,User manual to operate it ,Fastening Cord.Its easy to handle .No such Hard and Fast rule is required.Its everyone’s need and easy to use.

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Wireless Bluetooth mini speaker in pig shape. It’s so handy. It has different features

1. Small body but loud voice.

2. You can make a phone call through it.

3. Have a Remote shutter that means after your phone has been connected you just have to click on the lower present button and that’s it you have clicked your pic.

4. It can be used as gifting material.

5. It's of very lightweight which is approx 40.5 grams. It's quite less weight that makes it handy.

6. Battery capacity is 300Mah.

7. Playback time is up to 4 hours and it easily gets charged in 1 hour.

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