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Neck Pillow With Eye Protector & Luggage Strap Safety Lock - CMB0005

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Neck Pillow With Eye Protector & Luggage Strap Safety Lock Imported Products Sold Exclusively by Jagan Hardware

Combo Include: 1 x Neck Pillow, 2 x Eye Protector & 1 x Luggage Strap with Safety Lock


  • Neck Pillow: The Best Pillow For Travel: unlike anything on the market, this patent pending, newly released and improved version has a built-in removable insert so you can adjust the thickness of the pillow based on your personal preference and sitting positions, preventing your head being pushed forward. You now can sleep soundly even if you are sitting up on an airline seat with the help of this pillow!
  • Eye Protector: An uninterrupted, restful sleep or an afternoon nap can enhance work efficiency in your daily life, and a Eye Protector mask can help you achieve that! It can release the pressure on your face and make you feel a lot more comfortable.Unique design ensures that the least amount of light can get through, and provides pure darkness for your sleep. Especially great for shift work and meditation
  • Luggage Strap with Safety Lock: 3-digits combination lock, adjustable woven strap, side release plastic buckle, Luggage Strap. Colourful Straps Prevent Your Suitcase Being Mixed With Other Suitcases.Ideal gift for protecting luggage or suitcase in the travel or other occasions, security to your goods. Adjustable length, Maximum length 2 Meter
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