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HUMYDRY Car Air Freshener Made In Spain - HM0224

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Model Name: USA15400G72 Imported item sold exclusive by Jagan Hardware

Humydry Air Freshener For Car Combats tough vehicle odors like cigarette smoke as well as musty, mildew smells. Sticks anywhere in the car to provide a pleasant and long-lasting fresh-smelling interior.. it can freshen your fridge up to 4 to 6 weeks


  • Original brand product by Humydry made in Spain
  • Humydry Air Freshner
  • Ideal for Car.
  • Extra flat and have adhesive strip on the back so it can attached anywhere.
  • It freshen the air for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Remove the product from its protective packaging and place in the desired location. The product works by evaporation. Please follow recycling instructions once product is empty
  • Contents: 4 air fresheners
  • Also available for Fridge, Dustbin, Shoes
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