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HUMYDRY Air Freshener For Shoes Made In Spain HM0227

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Model Name: USA6400G72 Imported item sold exclusive by Jagan Hardware

Humydry Air Freshener For Shoes Absorbs the smell of all types of footwear and the cabinets where they are stored by introducing this activated carbon granulate. 100% natural substance and packaged in "non-woven fabric" sachets, respectful with the environment and effective against the odour of your footwear and the spaces where they are stored. Remove bad odours from Shoes with 100% natural activated charcoal. Work without electricity.


  • Original brand product by Humydry made in Spain
  • Humydry odour absorber for the Shoes.
  • Ideal for shoes
  • Fragrance free
  • 100% Natural activated charcoal.
  • It freshen up to 90 days.
  • Remove bad odours from Shoes & handbags.
  • Work without electricity or battery
  • Made in Spain
  • Price per box which has 4 units.
  • Keeps shoes fresh and keeps away bad odours
  • 100 pc Natural activated charcoal.
  • Also available for Fridge, Dustbins, Cupboards, Cars
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